Berlin Marathon 2023: Unleashing the Potential of World-Record Breaking Speed

Berlin Marathon 2023


A prominent long-distance running competition is held every year in Berlin, Germany, called the Berlin Marathon 2023. It honors human endurance, tenacity, and solidarity while being known for its flat and quick course. To push their boundaries and cross significant personal milestones, participants from all over the world assemble. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich history, the event promises to be a memory you won’t soon forget.

Berlin Marathon 2023
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Eliud Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon in 2023 for the fifth time, and Tigist Assefa broke the women’s world record by more than two minutes. The 38-year-old double Olympian Kipchoge crossed the finish line alone in 2:02:42 to win the Berlin Marathon for the fifth time. Kenyan Vincent Kipkemboi finished second, 31 seconds after Kipchoge, while Ethiopian Tadese Takele placed third, 11 seconds back.

Amos Kipruto, who won the London Marathon last year, was in the second group. Within the first three kilometers, Kipchoge, Derseh Kindie, and three pacemakers had created a distance between themselves and the rest of the field. By 10 kilometers, the leaders had already surpassed the world record pace by 16 seconds.

At 16 kilometers, that time reached 23 seconds, but by the time they had traveled halfway, in 1:00:22, it had dropped to 13 seconds. At 26 kilometers, as they were falling behind the world record pace, Kipchoge awoke from his seemingly hypnotic condition to speak to Hillary Chepkwony, the lone pacemaker still in the race.

Kindie slowed down with just over 10 kilometers remaining and soon stopped, and Chepkwony soon after trading blows with his NN Running Team training companion. Kipchoge could be seen in the distance as the trailing pack got closer in the final stages, but not close enough to disturb the Kenyan hero.


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On September 24th, Eliud Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon for the fifth time, solidifying his position as one of the best marathon runners in history. Kipchoge finished the difficult route in 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 42 seconds, displaying incredible talent and stamina in the process.

The 38-year-old twice-Olympic champion made a spectacular return to competitive racing with this win after his previous appearance at the Boston Marathon in April, where he placed sixth. With his performance in Berlin, Kipchoge once again proved that he is the undisputed leader in the marathon sport.

Vincent Kipkemboi, a fellow Kenyan, made a brave attempt and finished in second place, just 31 seconds behind Kipchoge. Ethiopia’s Tadese Takele, who showed incredible endurance, finished barely 11 seconds after Kipkemboi.

The race’s dynamics changed drastically in the first three kilometers, when Kipchoge, Derseh Kindie, and three pacemakers separated themselves from the rest of the field. The current winner of the London Marathon, Amos Kipruto, was in the second group and was unable to close the deficit.

By the 10-kilometer point, the leaders were already 16 seconds ahead and running faster than the previous world record. At 16 kilometers, this gap grew to 23 seconds, but by the time they reached the halfway point in 1 hour and 22 seconds, it had shrunk to 13 seconds.

At the 26-kilometer point, Kipchoge briefly interrupted his stride to speak with Hillary Chepkwony, his lone remaining pacemaker. However, they discovered that they were losing ground to the world record pace.

Derseh Kindie struggled to keep up the pace with just over 10 kilometers left and eventually gave up. He was followed by Hillary Chepkwony, who gave his fellow NN Running Team training partner a fist bump before following suit.

Even while the trailing pack gained ground toward the end of the race and got sight of Kipchoge in the distance, it was unable to contend with the legendary Kenyan.

Reflecting on the race, Kipchoge sheepishly admitted that he had intended to break the world record, but it had not gone as he had anticipated. Despite this, he embraced the worthwhile lessons discovered and emphasized that every race presents a chance for development.

In response to a question on how he intended to defend his Olympic crown, Kipchoge said the outcome of the Berlin Marathon would not have a big effect on his training. He expressed his resolve to put his knowledge to use at the upcoming Olympics in Paris with the lofty objective of becoming the first person in history to win a third gold medal in the Olympic marathon.

Eliud Kipchoge’s sixth Berlin Marathon triumph demonstrated his outstanding skills and tenacity, cemented his position among the top marathoners, and motivated racers all over the world.


At the 2023 Berlin Marathon, Tigist Assefa breaks the marathon world record by more than two minutes. Picture Credit (Lisi Niesner/Reuters)

After 15 kilometers in the women’s race, Tigist Assefa, the unexpected winner from the previous year, and her fellow Ethiopian, Workenesh Edesa, took the lead.

Assefa finished the half-marathon in an amazing 1:06:20, beating Brigid Kosgei’s split from her world record-breaking race in Chicago four years earlier by 39 seconds. Edesa subsequently dropped behind.

The 29-year-old Assefa extended her lead as her male pacemaker, Azmera Gebru, followed her, getting closer to something genuinely exceptional.

Kosgei’s previous record of 2:14:04 was broken by Assefa, a former 800m specialist, who finished the race in 2:11:53 while looking powerful as she passed through the famous Brandenburg Gate.

Sheila Chepkirui of Kenya came in second by a long shot in 2:17:49, and Magdalena Shauri of Tanzania, competing in her first marathon, came in third in 2:18:41.

Assefa said, “It’s the consequence of hard effort which I’ve put in over the last year. It’s a historic achievement. Though I didn’t think I could break the record by such a large margin, I did believe I could.


Elite athletes put on outstanding performances at the Berlin Marathon 2023, highlighted by Eliud Kipchoge’s fifth victory and Tigist Assefa’s historic record-breaking effort in the women’s event. These performances demonstrate the strength of perseverance, tenacity, and the unwavering pursuit of greatness. They also demonstrate the eternal spirit of sportsmanship and the goal of excellence. These events will live on in the annals of marathoning, motivating future generations of runners.

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